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No sound when alarm is activated (2013 Rav4 EVO-ALL with t-harness)

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I installed the EVO-ALL on a 2013 Rav 4 with push to start using the TOY6 t-harness.  I made no connections other than the plug-in connectors (guide 70391).  The t-harness includes a wire on A4 - this is the wire I used for a horn on my one other install (guide 12971).

Remote start works & the parking lights flash when the alarm is triggered, but there is no audible alarm.  If I adjust G1 to horn instead of siren, the door locks are activated alternately as the horn would be when the alarm is triggered.  Guide 8821 shows A4 is 'door status' for this car so maybe this makes sense.  

What do I need to change to allow for an audible alarm?  

asked Feb 1 in Toyota by robert ball (130 points)

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