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RFK442 not programming with Evo One for a 2009 RAV4 using HAR-ONE- TOY1 harness

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I have programmed and installed an Evo-One using THAR-ONE- TOY1 harness in my 2009 Toyota RAV4, automatic transmission, standard key (dot key). Module S/N: 002B04211739,   Bypass Firmware: 79.49, Remote starter firmware: 1.25,   I have double checked the wiring connections, and seems everything is good.   Image 1:, Image 2: I can start the car remotely using the OEM keys. I would like to use the RFK442. I have tried to programming/pairing the RFK442, unfortunately I could not able to proceed after steps 3, page 2 in the following RFK442 programming manual. The problem is: at step 3, the antena LED blinks once and then goes away (but the instruction says "The LED will turn ON").  At step 4, when I press the brake paddle 4 times, the antena LED doesn't response or no rapid flashing (instruction says "The LED will flash rapidly"). It seems like the RFK442 can not communicate with the Evo One.  I appreciate if you have any suggestion to overcome this issue and complete programming the RFK442 with the Evo One.  
asked Aug 15, 2022 in Toyota by Mofizul Islam (250 points)

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Finally, I was able to program/pair the RFK442 following the second programming method using the Valet Switch.
answered Aug 18, 2022 by Mofizul Islam (250 points)
selected Aug 18, 2022 by Robert T
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The evo-one needs to be in a disarmed state in order to allow remote programming. Being that the unit is setup for 3x lock, chances are the last command received was Lock, therefore the unit is currently in an armed state.


Press unlock on the OEM remote, then try the programming.
answered Aug 16, 2022 by Robert T (289,650 points)
Hi Robert, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, unlocking the car from the OEM remote before starting the programming didn't solve the problem.
I tried following the second programming option using the Valet Switch, and luckily it did work.