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2013 Equinox 3x Lock Remote Start Issues

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I have a EVO-ALL (v6) and on the latest firmware.

Chevy Equinox 2013 with standard key, and T harness kit.

Everything should be wired correctly.

I have done the programming and decrypted.

When I press lock three times, my car turns on (dashboard lights up, guages engage, radio on, etc.) but the car doesn't try to start. If I perform a remote start immediately after shutting off removing my key, the car will crank, turnover and shutoff.

It appears to be a failed start (3 red flashes) that I assume is caused by failure to read tach sensor

Any ideas?
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What is the service number to the module? The service number can be located on the back of the unit above the bar code.
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As stated in the installation guide:


Flash firmware 4.12 and connect to


Then re test.


If doing 3x lock make sure options C1, D1 & D1.10 are on also.