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VW THAR1 HARNESS Install With A Fortin RF Kit

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for an EVO-ALL Standalone I am getting ready to add an 


series RF kit to a 2014 VW Tiguan that already has the THAR-VW1 harness installed.  Before ordering the parts, I am trying to figure out if I need the other small T-Harness for the RF Antenna you guys sell on the side (maybe called the RF-ALL?).  Does the main harness make this "plug and play" without an extra purchase?   

asked 2 weeks ago in Volkswagen by Rick Whitfield (300 points)
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The THAR-VW1 does not have the male connector to plug the antenna in. You'll need to use the RF-ALL Adapter harness or you can follow the "Do it yourself way" Which is showed in this install guide :
answered 2 weeks ago by Amir Lahreche (590 points)