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2012 VW Tiguan PTS - Heated Seats & Rear Defrost Question

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I have an EVO-ALL using firmware 75.28 on a 2012 VW TIG PTS, and was wondering if this should / could allow for the heated seats and rear defrost to kick on in the winter?  I see the option in the firware selections, but I had no success in the colder winter days we had here in Denver, CO a few months back.  I saw some other info on a thread discussing to go back revisions to FW 61.11 to allow this to work via the CANBUS data (but not sure if that is actually NEWER or OLDER firmware)?   If an EVOALL has no means to sense the coolant or cabin temp, and it would mean running the heated in the summer too, I guess I rather leave well enough alone given I would have to reprogram everything if I changed FW anyways.

Thanks for any advice in advance,

asked Jun 12 in Volkswagen by Rick Whitfield (330 points)

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No this feature is not available on 2012 Tiguan. FW 61.11 does not apply to your vehicle.
answered 3 weeks ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,530 points)