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Why are 2018 VW Tiguan installation guides showing images from 2012-2017 Tiguan

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I'm considering buying the EVO-ALL with a THAR-VW2 harness for my 2018 VW Tiguan (AUT. transmission + standard key).

All installation guides for the 2018 VW Tiguan are showing exterior and interior images of the 2012-2017 tiguan (PQ35 platform). So are these installation guides really made for the 2018 Tiguan (MQB platform) ?.



French or English answers are welcome
asked 2 weeks ago in Volkswagen by Alain Raymond (150 points)

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Guide is for reference to locate the connectors. 


RLink programming tool required on all MQB platforms where key bypass is covered.


If vehicule is equipped with the Virtual Cluster, module cannot bypass key so a key wrap is required.

answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (217,060 points)

Thank you very much for answering. 

If I understand correctly, images of the PQ35 platform are for reference only since connectors locations are similar on the MQB?

The wiring diagram at page 4 of guide #82331 is correct for the 2018 Tig MQB and the VW2 harness can be used on the 2018?

I just want to make sure because I also checked the wiring diagrams for the 2019 Tig MQB and was surprised to see diffirences in the wiring diagram, firmware version and also lack of VW2 harness options. I wasn't sure to follow guides for the 2018 tig showing images of the PQ35 platform or follow guide for the 2019 showing correct picutre of the MQB but with different wiring and firmware. 

If your VIN is 2018, follow 2018 guide. (10th letter from the left = J)

Thanks a lot, your help is really appreciated. yes