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2017 Nissan Altima check engine code P0462

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I installed the Evo-All and everyting works correctly but my check engine light is on. I went and had it checked and it is throwing a code of P0462. Open circuit low input poor electrical connection faulty fuel sensor. This wasn't there before i installed it. Didn't cut any wires or anything like that. Maybe bad connections or bad module? everything works and starts just fine.
asked 3 weeks ago in Nissan by Robb Millett (190 points)

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were you able to reset the code and has it come back afterwards?


Codes can randomly show up when a BCM is disconnected and the battery is not or if ignition is accidentally turned on while "something" was disconnected in the car.
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (197,430 points)
No. I haven't gotten it yet I will do it Saturday when I am off work. So should I disconnect the battery and then the Evo-All and the BTM and start all over?
Start by clearing the code first. and go over the connectors, see if anything looks not fully seated in postion.
I asked them to clear it at Autozone and they told me that he couldn't clear the code. So how would I go about clearing it?
Disconnecting the batterie a few minutes,5-10 minutes, can sometimes clear it. While it's disconnected, put the factory harness back in place while at the same time inspect the pins on the bcm and the harnesses'. After the 5-10 minutes, reconnect the battery and drive around a bit to see if the light is still there.
Did what you recommend and nothing happened. I removed the Evo-all module completely and hooked up original plugs back into the BCM. Battery was disconnected the entire time. The code didn't clear and now I have to take it into the dealership to get it fixed and cleared.