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Car wont start when trying to use remote starter. Flashes 4 times after shutdown.

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Hi, I have a 2011 Kia Forte. Evo-One with T-Harness, automatic.


I installed everything and programmed the module and the key and it went fine. Client doesnt have an oem remote. I tried to remote start and parking lights come on and then car shuts off. Parking lights flash 4 times after shutdown (does that mean I have to check the tach?). I did try the option 20, mode 2 for tachless and still nothing. Also the remotes wont lock or unlock.. 

Which wire do I have to verify? the can? Theres not much wiring on this car.



asked Aug 26, 2019 in Kia by Pheaktra Mom (730 points)

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door locks, if needed, will need to be connected. We do not cover door locks through CAN-BUS on that car a few 2010-2011 Hyundai/Kias. They require connections. 


For the car not starting,

  • Does the evo attempt twice to start or only once?
  • Does the vehicle actually crank during remote start or no? These car typically crank wether the immobilizer is properly programmed or not.


4 flashes when the remote starter actually attempts to start, so you will see ignition at least turn on, = no tach

4 flashes when the remote starter doesnt even attempt to do anything = VALET MODE is enabled.

answered Aug 26, 2019 by Robb (228,250 points)
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Which wire/connection can I use to tap on the lock/unlock wires. Can I just use the 20-pin connector? - Evo attempts to start twice and flashes 4 times each time. - The vehicle doesnt crank at all.

Info is on wirecolor for LOCK and UNLOCK.

  • LOCK = Green
  • UNLOCK = Yellow

Purple and Purple/White  are the Lock and Unlock outputs of the EVO. 

Most Hyundai/Kia normally also some have an arm and disarm connections for the doorlocks to work properly. Try with just lock and unlock first.


Car not cranking indicates issue with ignition switch. What is the evo-one 12 digit service number and which model T-harness are you using?? 

the lock and unlock buttons work now. as for starting, its still not cranking and flashes 4 times after shutdown.

evo-one SN: 002B04 025883

t-harness: THAR-ONE-KHY2



Whats the difference between the KHY1 and KHY2? Would it affect the starting since my installation guide is with KHY1

You need the KHY1. The pin configuration is different.  Or, just wire it.

I took off the T-Harness and wired it myself. I didnt know that KHY1 and 2 had different pin configuration. Now everything works. Thanks Robb!