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Decryptors limit has been reached

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Original stand alone install, EVO-ALL would start my 2009 Chevy Avalanche if I was within 10' but no further away. I ordered the RF-ALL-642W. Before installing the RF kit today I updated the EVO-ALL from firmware 70.16 to 70.36. Re-installed EVO-ALL and remote start worked. Proceeded to install RF kit and program remotes. Truck would not start with either OEM remote or RF kit remotes. I then went through the entire procedures again (3 times total). The EVO-ALL would not start the truck. It sensed the remotes signal but no start. I then reset the EVO-ALL to factory, went through programming again and no start. Now the decryptors limit has been reached.

Please reset decrypto limit for Service # 001A06 717780

Thank you,

Shawn Moss

(803) 992-1761

Purchased all items through

If unit is not working by next Saturday night it and all accessories will be returned to Crutchfield and I'll find another remote start company to go with who has tech support open on Saturday's.
asked May 18 in Chevrolet by SHAWN MOSS (160 points)

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I have made the request to have the unit reset. It will be ready within 24 hrs. 


For the fortin RF you should have enabled option H2-Fortin2, Not H3-Crimestopper like you had it set to. 


Here is the vehicle specific installation guide:


Here is the Rf kit programming guide:


Also as stated on our website ( and like all the other remote start manufactureurs. We are only open on Saturdays during the busy season. 


1-877-336-7797 Mon-Fri 8-6 EST. 


After a quick google, Cructhfield themselves have a tech support they offer for end consumers which is open on Saturdays. 

answered May 21 by Derek (146,700 points)