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Decryptors limit has been reached

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My original stand alone install of EVO-ALL & THAR-GM4 with T-Harness would start my 2009 Chevy Silvarado 1500 with OEM remotes (3 lock), I wanted futher distance for the remote so I ordered the Fortin RF642W 2 Way LED RF kit for EVO-ALL 3500 foot range. Before I installed the RF kit today I I connected it to flash link updater 2.0 to review settings the fortin flash link manager recomended to updated the EVO-ALL from formware 70.18 to 70.36 and I re-installed the EVO-ALL and the remote start worked with OEM remote. I proceed to install the RF kit and program remotes and the truck would not start with either the OEM remotes or the RF remotes. I went through the entire procedure again multiple times and the EVO-ALL would not start the truck. It sensed the RF remote signal but will not start truck, lock unlock works on the RF remotes with no start. I then re-flashed the EVO-ALL back to 70.18 and went through programming again to get the OEM (3 lock) to work and no start. Message now says decryptors limit has been reached. Re-flashed back to 70.36 and has same message (DECRYPTORS LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED)

Please reset decryptor limit for servie # 001A06 459728

For standalone OEM setup which protocol should be selected F1, F2 or F3.

Thank you for your help in this painfull upgrade. If you need to reach me by phone (REMOVED FOR PRIVACY)

asked Jun 3 in Chevrolet by Paul Cummings (130 points)

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Please either call or e-mail support with any requests and information regarding Dcryptor limits.


8-6 EST

answered Jun 3 by Derek (147,270 points)