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Evo one wont detect can bus on 2011 tacoma off road

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I make it to step four of programming but then get no blue led. Have tried reversing the can wires,same result. Is there a way to test the can wires to verify they are working? The fuses are fine for them. What am I missing.
asked Apr 4 in Toyota by Brian Hutchins (240 points)

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What do you measure for voltage at the white 5 pin connector on the evo with key on? The grey and grey/black wires...


What is the service number?
answered Apr 4 by Derek (143,850 points)
selected Apr 10 by Derek
Service # 002B07 339475 and 9n grey/bulk 2.45V and grey 2.5V
Do you get the red and blue led's to flash 10x times when you turn the key on at step 5?
Yes I do.
As long as the truck has an auto trans, leave the can bus disconnected from the evo. Program the module but after blue and red flash 10x just turn the key off.

Enable 20.2 in the evo one and re test.

The only thing you get from can bus is tach, setting option 20.2 will get you around this.
That did the trick. Its working perfectly now. Thank You for your time on the issue.