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2016 Ram 1500 alarm wiring

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I have already installed my Evo All auto start and want to add the basic alarm to the configuration. The remote start works perfectly! Thanks Fortin! The wiring diagrams show that the yellow wire goes to the ingnition barrell but does not show which wire to connect to. The same goes for the relay. Which wires do I connect the relay to the ignition and the start? I need to know the colors. The alarm install diagram does not show where to connect these wires to. Also, I cant find the horn switch. Im looking for the negative horn wire. From what I could find online the wire is in the steering column and is dk green / purple? Could Fortin publish a more detailed install pictorial on the alarm portion of the install for Ram trucks 2014-2018?
asked Dec 30, 2017 in Ram by Chris Crivello (130 points)
edited Dec 31, 2017 by Chris Crivello

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