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I would like to provide an update on my Tech Support Request 8024, which I submitted yesterday...  I eventually did a master reset of the unit and then reloaded everything and the OEM security system issue disappeared.  So you can disregard that question.  However, I still have a question re: the Parking Light1 function for this unit on a 2016 Highlander Limited (with auto headlights and LED DRLs).  When I remote start the vehicle with the headlight switch in the "auto" position, the parking lights do not stay on after the vehicle starts, nor do the headslights, etc.  The parking lights do stay on when the headlight switch is on the "off" position though.  Is there an easy way to make the parking lights come on and stay on when remote starting this vehicle with the headlight switch is in the "auto" position, since the driver of this vehicle typically leaves the switch in that position?  Just a reminder - as I reported in my initial posting, the way the current install guide shows the Parking Light1 hook-up actually prevents the vehicle's auto headlight function from working at all.  This might be unique to the Limited Platinum model, since I believe is it the only Highlander that has the "auto" headlight and LED DRL option.

asked Dec 27, 2016 in Toyota by Sean ONeill (290 points)

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Sean, I just sent replied to that 8024 request. From what  i read here, everything is ok now for the alarm not disarming? Just got the lighting issue now? 


The positive parking lights may all-around fix the issue with the lights. If that's the case, then ignore what is said in the guide (no parklight1 or parklight2) and wire them like this:

  • Vehicle (+) parking light signal: Light GREEN wire - dash fuse box, white 32 pin plug (4F), pin 4   PLEASE TEST WIRE BEFORE CONNECTING ANYTHING. MAKE SURE IT'S A PARKING LIGHT WIRE.
  • EVO (+)parking output: White wire from 6-pin main connector - turn on option 31.4 and it will become a parking light output.


answered Dec 28, 2016 by Robb (191,790 points)