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How to wire a 05 Highlander without a Transponer but has Keysense?

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I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander that doesn't have a transponder. I have hooked up the remote start and have power going to the start or crank wire but it doesnt crank. It does have the Keysense so do I still need to hook up a bypass and if so what wires?
asked Nov 19, 2017 in Toyota by Gerald Davis (130 points)

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How do you know the vehicle does not have a transponder?

Does the car remote start if you place the key in the barrell?
answered Nov 20, 2017 by Derek (143,850 points)
No it doesn't. It also doesn't have the plug on the key berrell for the 7 pin connector. I also wrapped the key with aluminum foil to block the signal and it still started.
If their is no transponder then just wire a remote starter and the truck should start as long as the right ign,acc, starter wires are powered up.
make sure you have both starter wires powered up at the ignition plug