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2014-16 Toyota Highlander Push-to-start (non-hybrid) Wirecolor chart issues

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I paid for (Sales Order Number: 5789) and downloaded the Wirecolor chart for my 2016 Toyota Highlander Push-to-Start (non-hybrid).  And the pin labels in the pictures do not match the pin numbers listed in the function listing, so it is very hard to follow.  Can you please correct them and send me an updated version, since my access to this chart will disappear in 48 hours?  Thank you!.  Sean ONeill  email -
asked Dec 26, 2016 in Toyota by Sean ONeill (290 points)

2 Answers

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What wire exactly doesn't match ?

The numbers listed in the left column are only wire ID number, not pin number.
answered Dec 26, 2016 by Mathieu Bertrand Colin (85,050 points)
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Pretty sure poster is referring to pinned numbers in pictures and how you would think they would match up with the numbers on the wiring chart. I've never seen any of them match up either.
answered Jan 5, 2017 by CarStereoOneInc (2,250 points)