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2015 Highlander Autolight and factory disarm issues

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We are installing an Avital 5303 with an EVO ALL module.  When the vehicle is remote started, it works great, but the factory alarm honks while the vehicle is preparing to remote start and then stops, obviously due to ignition and smart key = factory disarm.  Even with D2 programmed on the EVO ALL, it does not stop this.  If I use the factory alarm disarm wire during remote start, the vehicle unlocks and remains unlocked.  I guess I will have to hardwire the factory alarm disarm wire, even though the EVO instructions say that this issue will be corrected by enabling D2.

In addition, the customer always leaves their auto lights on.  If you shut down the remote start, the lights stay on indefinitely, until a door is opened and closed.  Does anyone know how to correct this?
asked Jan 13, 2016 in Toyota by Brian Eaton (180 points)

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you could find the negative trigger for the driver door pin and connect a negative trigger after shut down from your remote starter to simulate the door opening thus turning off the auto-lights...
answered Jan 13, 2016 by Derek (143,250 points)