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frs oem remote

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working on a 2016 scion frs. using evo all with a compustar cm7000. evrything program correctly and works from compustar remote. and I have option C1 on as per the manual but the OEM remote does not activate the compustar alarm, and not sure if supported but 3x lock does not work either.\


edit: put everything together and now it starts but the cars shuts off after a couple seconds. locks still work and tach programs okay.

i also noticed on the installation it says to interupt the security light. there is no wire in that location given in the installation manual
closed with the note: figured out issue with security light and got bypass programmed
asked Nov 8, 2016 in Scion by Ultra Auto Sound (4,920 points)
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OEM Remote monitoring not available on the key models of the FR-S/BR-Z.


A request has been sent to get it out of the guide. It's not listed on the website.



Most updated OEM Remote Monitoring list:

The above list is for both OEM Remote Monitoring ALL the time, and also when OEM remote monitoring is only functional whent he car is off.
answered Nov 9, 2016 by Robert T (273,930 points)
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When you press unlock on the factory remote does the blue led on the evoall flash ?

The security light connection is a misprint, the connector is the same but located at the BACK of the main fusebox.

For easier access you can remove the two 10mm bolts to move the fusebox out of the way.

The pinout is the same shown in the guide.



answered Nov 9, 2016 by Robert T (85,190 points)
okay thanks for the help. is that possibly what my problem is with it shutting down ?
I don't think this is your problem, does the CM7200 tries to restart the vehicle after the shutdown ?
no it does not. only thinking it could be brake or hoodpin, but thats all done through data. I did try another compustar brain and still had the same issue
Make sure yellow wire from EVOALL is at ignition. hardwire tach between compu and evoall and reprogram tach.

Make sure your CM7200 is in ADS protocol.
tried hardwiring tach to compstar, still the same issue. and also tried tachless mode.

then tries unplugging the power on the evo with the key in the cylinder and it starts and stays running. didnt have a chance to get security light yet, its a coworkers car here at the shop so will wire that up when i get a chance.
found the security light wire, wayy up there. reflashed the evo-all and decyptor again, all works great!