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Please help with installing EVO-All Kit for my 2016 Scion iA

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I received the EVO-All KIT and already flashed the newest firmware. I just want it to be a standlone with 3 locks remote start function to work. I bought the THAR-MAZ1 to my life easier. I've read the diagram and my understanding is we have to do some wire tapping in order to make everything work. Is there a way for me to make it a standlone with 3 locks remote start to work without doing any wire tapping ?

asked Dec 25, 2018 in Scion by D L (130 points)

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They don't have the Evo all listed as a standalone unit. From what I see you need an additional remote starter. You will not on have to tap wires but also cut wires.
answered Dec 25, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)