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Does the 2014 Ford Escape have to be Pushbutton Start to use 3X OEM RS?

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If I reprogram with Flashlink2 will EVO-ALL act as a stand alone Remote Starter on non-PB start 2014 Ford Escape
asked Dec 15, 2014 in Ford by raylech (490 points)

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Theres is no 3x lock start feature on the 2014 Ford Escape. Stand Alone isntallation is only compatible with an RF-KIT. To do 3x Lock on any vehicle we need to detect the OEM remote on the vehicles Can-Bus, it does not exist on the 2014 Escape.
answered Dec 15, 2014 by Robb (197,230 points)
Are you saying I definitely need an RF kit for my 2014 ford escape to remote start?  My original intent was to use my OEM Keys with 3x lock function to start through evo-all.

2 years ago we didn't offer the 3x lock start from the OEM remote on the 2014 Escape.

Changes were made, firmware was improved, 3xLock Start from the OEM remote is now available on this vehicle.


Compatible products, Install guides and compatible features for that vehicle can all be found here:


That is great to hear!  Thanks!