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Will lock, lock ,lock, start work an a 2013 Ford Escape?

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Will Evo ALL work on a 2013 Ford Escape? 3X lock to start?
asked Aug 27, 2014 in Ford by eric kligman (220 points)

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I saw the other posts. Sorry for the inconvienece. It won't work.:( Damn it! Please fix this issue. Customer is not happy... We were told it would work.
answered Aug 27, 2014 by eric kligman (220 points)

No inconvience.


We cannot do 3x Lock start on vehicles that we cannot detect the keyless signals through Can. Especially when they don't exists on the Can network, such as the Escape.


This really sucks I know, especially since the EVO-ALL can be used as a stand alone unit but cannot detect the OEM remotes, so no 3xLock start. A nice fix to this is actually the Metra Trigger. Remember that the EVO has an external input trigger wire when the stand alone option is turned On. Since the EVO-ALL can work as a Stand Alone Remote Starter, you can use this Metra Trigger product to pulse the external input wire of the EVO to start/stop the car.


The installation for this does not change, the only thing you would be adding is the Metra Trigger ouput to the EVO-ALL external trigger input (yellow/black wire when stand alone remote starter is activated).


Here is the link to Metra Trigger :

That trigger unit can make for happy clients.


Also, don't forget that a lot of remote starters have an external input wire that can be wired to detect door locks and start/stop the vehicle.


I heard the remotes do not work when the vehicle is running??? True or false? Thanks!
Not sure honestly, that is actually kind of rare for Ford vehicles. Usually the remotes stay functional when the car is started by key or by remote start.


Start the car normally with the key and try unlocking the doors will answer that.