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Can you flash frogram to install with one key? 2011 escape evo all in one 4?

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Only have one key, about to use forscan to program 2nd key, but do I need it?
asked 2 weeks ago in Ford by Jeremy_Park (450 points)

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No, its not mandatory to get a 2nd key.  You can follow the 1 key dcryptor process, however you will need the flash link updater in order to do this.

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answered 2 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)
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You can do 1 key programming on a 2011 escape.

Page 10 to 12 of the installation guide has the steps:
answered 2 weeks ago by Robert T (296,820 points)
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I discovered some vehicles don't program correctly with the 2-key method.  Decryptor method seems to work every time and requires only 1 key.  If you have Flashlink Updater or Flashlink Mobile, you're good to go.
answered 2 weeks ago by kperez671 (180 points)
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Found out yes you absolutely can, you just have to purchase the immobilization unit,  I installed everything myself from downloading forscan software to program a second key to programming the all in one module flashed to be installed without the immobilization but to work with the 2 key process. Was very nervous especially soldering/wiring in the parking light relay (just a 4pin relay I had sitting around) , but it went flawlessly! Not a single issue, using the factory lock, lock, lock isn’t worth the plastic it’s made from but it does start my suv from 10 feet away lol. I would give Fortin 5 stars, except for the remote has to be purchased separately when the competition comes with one, finding the start 2 duo has proven impossible to find
answered 1 week ago by Jeremy_Park (450 points)