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Cannot get EVO-ALL blue light flash with IGN 2011 Escape

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Hello, Installed Evo-all as per connection diagram 3318 #2 on a customers 2011 Ford Escape. HA keys, 40 bit.(0v with key in cylinder,ign off) Loaded software version 4.18 as per diagram. Use programming procedure #3 for 2 keys, Blue light on, Turn ign on, blue light goes out, turn key off and blue light comes on, will not flash.  Loaded versions 71.11 and 71.18. would not change with either versions, tried resetting module and reloading software again, no change. Have +12v on pin A1, pin A10 (light blue/black) to pin 4 (purple/gray) on ign barrel, Pin A20 (lt/blue/blk) to pin 3 (yellow/orange) on Ign barrel. Tested continuity of connections and are good. I am out of ideas, Troubleshooting guide claims CAN communication is not detected or wires mixed up, that's not the case assuming wiring diagram is correct.  What are your thoughts? Thanks, Mike Unger.
asked Nov 17, 2014 in Ford by Micheal Unger (2,030 points)
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Self resolved issue. Please see guide #3318, connection 2 diagram. For this vehicle, the application guide states "connection 2 A,B." This is correct, but for the actual vehicle application "connection C" needs to be added for it to program and operate uisng the EVO-all and CAN functions. It now progams exactly as outlined in programming procedure. Had to hard wire tach output from Evo-all to remote starter tach input to receive tach signal as it would not communicate through D2D, door locks will work through D2D. Can the guide be corrected to possibly eliminate approx 3 hours of unnecessary install time for future installers?  Thanks, Mike Unger.
answered Nov 17, 2014 by Micheal Unger (2,030 points)
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The letter only show the pinout of the transponder connector. The install 2 clearly shows connection of canbus wires at the OBD2 connector.

are you saying that the transponder connector did not look like this?


The blue led is for programmign the Can-Bus as Mathieu mentionned. The transponder connector has nothing to do with that part of programming, all the module is looking for is Can-Hi and Can-Lo (and ignition).


Thanks for the reply, so when it says "2 A, B" that doesnt mean connection diagram 2,  connectors A and B?

it's connection 2, connector A or B, whichever is present in the vehicle. All those connectors, a-H?, are basically the possible connectors in Ford.

Ok, thank you for clearing that up, my mistake, but customer is happy, all issues resolved.  If nothing else, this Q and A forum should help someone else if facing similar situation in the future and will likely prevent a question being submitted again on here, hence, avoiding additional install time. Thanks, Mike Unger.
Exactly, the whole point of the Q and A is to have answers ready 24/7 .