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2019 Honda HRV Push-To-Start EVO-ONE Thar-One-Hon8 "Keyless entry System Problem" message

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Installed an EVO-ONE with Thar-One-Hon8 harness and a 3x Lock Start on a 2019 Honda HR-V Push Start with/ Steering Lock.

As per Guide #93381, using C1, D6, D2, 38-2 options.

Car starts OK with 3x Lock, however dash shows "keyless entry system problem" message.

I am opening door with remote Unlock button, then push START button 1 time, then push brake.

Also tried to open door by just by touching the handle, but getting the same error message.

When no remote start is used, there is no any error message.

Any suggestion ?
asked 3 weeks ago in Honda by jenom (250 points)

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Sometimes when you do the takoever too fast on Honda/Acura, you will get that message. Also note that the smart key should not be within range when remote starting.

For the takeover, no rush.
Get in
close door
put on seatbelt
press the PTS
press the brake
answered 2 weeks ago by Robert T (296,820 points)

Thank you for your reply.

it is not clear what you meant by "the smart key should not be within range when remote starting"  ?   remote Unlock range or Keyless start range ?

I am remote starting by using Honda factory key by pressing 3x unlock

Within keyless start range. So, not within 10 feet of the car.
the keyless start range is just barely outside of the car, less than a foot.

Insurance companies forced car manufacturers to keep it very short, for example to prevent somebody to  jump in and drive away ,, (you are pumping gas and the key is in your pocket)

However,  some people, the key is in their purse and in the car....makes it easy to steal.

I will try to do remote start in a slower motion, and see if it helps.....
So I did every step in a slow motion.....still same "keyless entry problem" message.

I am not sure what exactly Bypass  Options  A1 and A9 does, currently both of them is ON.

Maybe if I turn OFF A1 (Door Locks), then remote unlock will stop working ?

Maybe if I turn OFF A9 (Door trigger monitoring) ,then car will not know if door is open or closed ?
Does this vehicle have the steering lock module?


If no, it's possible that the only option would be enable option D3, forcing a shut down on door open.
Yes, it has a steering lock module, and it is connected to a Hon8 harness.

It is a Sport version, has an outside door unlock/lock button.....but I am using remote to unlock door.

What would happen if I turn OFF A9 Option Door Trigger Monitoring?
Turning off A9 might remove the security that if someone breaks in, the car shuts off on door open.

I have running time set to 7 min, and the car doors are locked.....possibility of break in and theft is very little....and since the "car" does not know the status of the door maybe this would make "keyless entry system problem"  message disappear.

Can you tell me also what would happen if I turn OFF option A1 Door Locks ?

Thank You!

that message appears because the vehicle is started without the key in the car. During takeover, when you press the PTS button, the vehicle will look for your key. If the message does not go away immediately, it may go away once you start driving.


My only other suggestion at this point would be remove take over and enable option d3. I eould also suggest going over the installation and making sure every connector is fully seated and clipped in. Especially the steering lock connector.

thank you for your reply, message does not go away, but it happens only when 3X Lock remote start used. Without 3x Lock remote start, everything is ok, no error message.

I think the issue is the "ENTRY" part, I will try to turn OFF A9, so the cars's computer would not know anything about that I opened the door and got in !

Well, let's see what will happen !