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2018 Honda HRV (push to start) cannot locate steering lock module for a connection on the T-harness

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We were installing our EVO-ONE unit in a 2018 Honda HRV (push to start) vehicle and could not locate the silver box in the instructions depicting the steering lock module. A portion of the T-harness is supposed to plug into the back of it. We found a plug in the same general area, but it only had 10 pins while our T-harness plug has 12.
asked 3 weeks ago in Honda by cro1910 (130 points)

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On some US built vehicles it may not be equipped.

Simple way to test:

- lower drivers window and arm vehicle with oem remote

- take oem remote at least 10 feet away from vehicle

- reach in and turn the wheel, if the wheel does not lock and can be turned from side to side freely, then there is no steering lock module or steering lock.


In this case simply do not connect it, however take over may not work properly (error messages in dash that do not go away) and in some cases you may need to enable option D3 - Door open shut down.


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answered 3 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)
This is true for the US Acura TLX V6 FWD I just finished EVO-ALL + HON8 T Harness. There's no Steering lock. Although not on the quick guide. It's not used and it can be skipped saving time. Programing and the normal DCRYTPOR process can be completed.

The HON8 is a true PNP over the HON4 saving a few steps. It's a great product.