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Brakes light up when remote starting but the 2010 Hybrid Altima does not start

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This is a weird one, because the car remote starts pretty much every other remote start session. I'm not sure what's causing that as I checked the wiring and it doesnt seem like anything is wrong. So here it goes, when i try to remote start the car from far I see my brake lights turn on* (as in the brakes are being pressed) but the car does not start. the problem is mainly that the brake lights STAY ON unless I actually go to the car and start it myself, however even when i get to the car nothing pretty much works. I press the brakes myself and when I press the the push to start button it stays on lock (it goes LOCK-ACC-ON) so i pretty much freak out, unlock and lock mulitple times, press and depress the brake while keep hitting the push to start untill it goes off and then I manually start it.

2010 Hybrid Altima (Push to start)


using RL1 red connector in the module

* passanger side brake light does not LIGHT UP, the bulb itself works only when i run the headlights but not when i press the brakes
asked 2 weeks ago in Nissan by XainK (130 points)

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