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Honda CR-V 2016 PTS AT starts moving when Evo_One remote started

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Great product and super easy installation, thank You. But when I remote start my Honda CR-V 2016 i-Dtec (N16A4) car sometimes does a half wheel turn forward.  

My model has push button parking shift and it automatically engages when i turn off engine. I guess when it is remote started it remembers settings just before turning engine off as A/C has same temp as when i turned off engine and seat heaters also and if parking gear automatically shifted it will start with same in drive mode and moves until parking shift automatically engages.

Should i change some off the settings to get it to start with set parameters and not last used settings?


FYI i didnt connect parking lights and horn, because i didnt need them.
asked 2 weeks ago in Honda by KaPa (180 points)

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I would suggest manually selecting park prior to turning the vehicle off or engaging the E-Brake prior to turning the vehicle off.


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answered 2 weeks ago by derek ! (286,090 points)
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Sure, im already doing it, but my wife also rides with it and you may forget about it at the wrong time.

Everytime im starting its little stressful as it really can be a hazardous to someone standing in front of the car or parked closed to other car

Is there anything with programming that can be done with it?
answered 2 weeks ago by KaPa (180 points)
There is nothing in the settings or programming of the evo that will cause/prevent this.


Ensuring the vehicle is safely parked before shutting it off is the users responsibility.


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