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Hi dudes. HONDA CR-V 2018 wire colors doesn't match. Can I use this colors order instead? Cuz in the scheme only the ignition connector match. Please and thanks you.  
asked Aug 19 in Honda by Munito (720 points)

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Yes, starting in 2018 it has different colors. It is mentionned on wirecolor and in the installation guides.


There is a specific coloum in the wiring chart for the 2018-2020 models
answered Aug 19 by Robert T (275,350 points)
Thanks you so much for your answer Robert I already saw that. Then the colors are different in this models but the order is the same, in the same position, right? Please check my images and update the schematics, because for the 2018 CRV model no colors are the same. Confirmed and working. Gray 7-pin connector, the green cable pin 6, is the IMMO DATA and in the white double line 20-pin connector, the white cable pin 2 is the -HORN. The rest is as described in the schematic. Just fix the coloum 2.