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EVO One 2020 Push To Start Honda HRV starts, shuts down, starts, then shuts down again

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Using the thar-one-hon8 harness. Vehicle does not have a steering lock module so that is not connected. Updated to firmware stated in the guide and programmed Dcryptor. We are using the OEM remote with lock unlock lock to start. The vehicle will start and run for a few seconds before it shuts off. It then starts again, runs for a few seconds, and shuts off again. It does not attempt to start again after that.
asked 3 weeks ago in Honda by Derek Meienburg (130 points)
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I would reset and re program the module including re running dcryptor.

If the problem still persists I would roll the firmware back 1 version and re program it to the vehicle.


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answered 3 weeks ago by derek ! (286,090 points)
Thank you. I actually tried this last night and got it to work. However, I'm assuming each OEM key fob needs to be programmed using the decryptor correct? One keyfob works but the other will not even lock or unlock the vehicle now. If this is the case I need someone to reset the flash limit as the limit has been reached. SN is 002B04253047
Both remotes should work, you do not need to program each remote individually.

Was the battery removed from the remote that does not function?
Yes, it had a low battery so we replaced the battery.
I would check the orientation of the battery, the remote should always function as intended.
The battery is seated as it should be. Light on remote lights up when a button is pressed but there is no reaction from the car. Could there be some type of option I could have accidentally selected in the programming that's causing this?
There is no option within the evo to prevent 1 of the 2 remotes from working.


Perhaps there is a setting in the vehicle info center? Unlikley but worth checking. Otherwise I would suggest removeing the t-harness return the vehicle back to stock and see if the remote becomes functional again.
Okay, I will check that later today. When I was having issues with the vehicle shutting off shortly after remote starting I attempted to reset the remote starter using the valet switch. Not sure I was able to do it properly, is it possible that in some way caused this?
No, there is not programming sequence or option i am aware of that would cause only 1 of the 2 oem remote to function.