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2014 ram chart 7 problems

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When programming when I get to step 7 when I turn the key the blue light goes out. When I turn the key off blue comes back on solid. I've verified the yellow ignition wire has power and the network is working.
asked Jan 12, 2023 in Ram by steven madder (160 points)

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Can you please provide the S/N to the module and a picture of the white 5 pin can bus connector. The one with the grey and grey/black wires in it.


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answered Jan 12, 2023 by derek g (323,350 points)
sn. 001A07 415292

not sure how to upload photo but when the 5 pin is connected to unit and red plug is on the left the wires showing left to right are orange/green, orange, grey/black,black,empty pin slot
Sounds like your can bus connector is pinned incorectly.


You can refer to this guide (page 5) to see that it should go, orange/green, orange/brown, grey then grey/black.


This would explain why it does not program. I would suggest contacting your point of purchase to have it exchanged or re pin the connector accordingly. Please note repinning the connector may void the warranty, you would want to confirm with your point of purchase if this route would be ok.