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second-hand device / activation code

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I have just bought a new car which was already equipped with the evoSTART2. The activation code is shown as "already used" so I can't log in. Do you have a solution, I don't know the first owner. 
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asked Nov 12, 2022 in Volkswagen by Antoine Netter (130 points)

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Only the original owner can decide to transfer ownership of the evostart2 antenna, if the vehicle was purchased from a dealer, they have the contact information and could try to contact them on your behalf, if they do decide to transfer ownership of the antenna to you, they simply have to delete THE VEHICLE in the garage portion of the app to release the original activation code. DO NOT DELETE THE APP ITSELF.
answered Nov 12, 2022 by Jesus Monroy (63,340 points)
If I'm the owner and my code isn't working as the original app was on another phone that I erased how can I make it work again onto my new phone?

The phone does not matter. The account is tied to the email. So just be sure to use the same email you were using on the previous device. When the correct email is used, it wont even ask for a code, it will simply populate the vehicle in the app.

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