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Cannot update firmware

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Hi there, been trying to update firmware, current firmware version inside showing is 0.[00] for both bypass firmware and remote starter module. SN: 002B04240342. 

In addition to the above, when attempting to update the firmware of the flashlink updater, after disconnecting and reconnecting the updater, flashlink manager simply  returns with 'No updates available at this moment for the Flash-Link Updater'. Upon clicking on Flash-Link Updater tab at the bottom of the screen, it shows

Module Status: Connected

Hardware Version 5.0

Firmware Version <blank>

Service # 002505095209

Preload Date 2/2022

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

asked Oct 23 in Honda by Kevin Sun (130 points)
edited Oct 24 by Kevin Sun

2 Answers

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I have got exactly the same problem . The go to answer from Fortin seems to be a faulty data cable or being disconnected before the update.I have tried to programe 2 units with 2 different flash links and ended up with the same problem .So there theory about the data cable is not correct.My guess is the download file is causing the problem as you can't really go wrong just pressing a update button.
answered Nov 6 by William Mcdade (150 points)
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That message appears because your flash link is currently at the max firmware (4.05). Make sure to choose "CANCEL FlashLink Updater" afterwards.

For flashing your EVO, please try PRO mode by selecting the "gear" icon in the top right , then clicking "Go to PRO mode"
answered Nov 7 by Robert T (280,210 points)