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Flash Link updater firmware update stuck at 1

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Went to update the flash link to the newest firmware version. Update never moved past 1% after an hour and now the flash link says there was an error when doing last update and so it forces you to try again but it never gets past 1%. So now it will not connect to the evo-one to change settings.
asked Aug 29, 2018 in FAQ by Robert Stevenson (400 points)

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That flash link will need to be exchanged with your authorized reseller/distributor.
answered Aug 29, 2018 by Derek (196,820 points)
selected Aug 29, 2018 by Robert Stevenson
Oh, that stinks. Thanks for the answer. Sorry this question is posted several times. Apparently the % special character in the subject line throws up a server error.

thanks for pointing out the % bug. Will ship that to web guys  yes