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2005 Honda Accord coupe

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I have the Evo All bypass and it’s giving me problems when I press the lock button on the alarm the doors lock but the driver door locks and unlocks no matter what I do, and occasionally when I remote start the car the key light flash on the dashboard like the key hasn’t been read
asked 1 week ago in Honda by Stanley Ellis (130 points)

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Please provide the S/N number on the back of the evo-all unit.


What remote starter is the evo paired with? Are the 2 modules connected W2W or via the data link?
answered 1 week ago by derek (270,220 points)
SN: 001A07 281145

    The evo is paired wire 2 wire with an Avital 5305x.
Since you are wire 2 wire, did you cut the white and the blue wires out of the data link?


Also please turn off D2 in the evo.


What is connected to the drk blue wire on the 20 pin connector of the evo all?
The white and blue wires out of the data link is cut and taped off, and the dark blue wire on the 20 pin is connected to the orange ground out while running wire on the alarm.
When you remote start the vehicle what do the lights on the evo all do?
I just took the evo all out the car to turn off option D2 and Now the flashlink manager is not letting me change my settings. It says I’m 9/8 on my flash limit. I will install it back in the car and tell you the light colors
you are not able to change options because settings protection is on, you must first turn it off in order to change options.


I also reset the flash limit for you.
After you did the reset it gave me the option to turn off turn off the settings protection and change the settings. It’s says options are saved on the module but it’s not saved…I’m starting to think my unit is faulty…When I remote start the car the unit lights up orange and red, and the red light cuts off after a few seconds and the orange light stays on.
If the red light turns off, this means the remote starter is removing ground from the dr blue wire. This will cause the vehicle to not start.


If you ground the gwr yourself on the evo, the red light should turn on and stay on. Once you ground it try sending start, if the vehicle remote starts, this would indicate an issue with the gwr from the remote starter.