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MyCar and Fortin EVO-ONE with T-Harness setup on Subaru Outback 2017 Standard Key not working

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I'm trying to add MyCar to a Fortin EVO-ONE installation on a Subaru Outback 2017.
The Fortin EVO-ONE works fine - I can start the car using the OEM Standard KEY/Remote without any issues.
I followed the steps provided in the install guide to add the MyCar
Protocol is set up to Fortin2  using the FlashLink MAnager on EVO-One for RFKit
Setup as Fortin in the MyCar application Settings.
I did the following steps to learn the MyCar into Fortin EVO-One
1- Cycle the ignition to the ON position.
2 - The YELLOW LED on top of the EVO-ONE should come ON.
3 - Press and Hold the EVO-ONE push button for 5 seconds.
4 - The parking lights and the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will turn ON.
5 - Release the push button.
6 - Press and Release the push button 5x times. Everytime the push button is pressed the parking lights and the RED Led on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink.
7 - Then Press and Release the Brake pedal.
8 - Seconds later the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink once to confirm that the MyCar ID has been learned to the EVO-ONE.
9 - Cycle the vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position to Exit the EVO-ONE programming
All steps succesful. 
In the MyCar app I can see the voltage of the car and the GPS  location, however the START/STOP/LOCK/UNLOCK functions are not working from the MyCar application
Any ideas/help?
asked 3 weeks ago in Subaru by Vasile O (200 points)

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1) you need to plug theMyCar HRN-LLRS-01, please check installation details for mycar:

2) programming is as follows for evo one:

1: Turn ignition On

2: Turn ignition Off

3: Turn ignition On

4: Evo one Red LED "should" turn On

5: Press Brake Pedal 4 times

6:Red light will flash rapidly

7. Mycar is programmed

8: Turn ignition Off
answered 3 weeks ago by Haidar Jabbar (20,890 points)
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Thanks for your help solving the problem.