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What is the fused brown lead on a HON2 T Harness?

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2017 CR-V using an EVO-ONE with HON2 , the diagram showing the HON-12 six pin does not show any brown wire with a fuse coming out of the EVO-ONE connection. Instruction shows bypass firmware 73.37, flasher installed 73.39. Straight forward wiring, DCrypter shows complete. Will not 3X start.
asked May 23 in Honda by Kenneth Sumner (130 points)

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The brown wire is for positive parking lights on some vehicle, since the harness is used across multple honda platforms. In your specific case the brown wire is not needed. Cut and isolate with eletrical tape.


I have replied to your email as well in regards to the no start for 3x lock.
answered May 24 by Derek (262,880 points)