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Installed EVO-CHRT4 not working.

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Installed this remote starter.  Got to the flashing blue light when ignition turned on.  Turned ignition off and pressed the lock button.  Pressed the lock button 3x and nothing.  Tried lock-unlock-lock with same result.
posté Fev 10 dans la catégorie Dodge par Ken French (130 points)

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What firmware are you running, options you have set?
répondu Fev 11 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,060 points)
Firmware 74-22.  My wife bought it from a third party vendor and it was sold as ply and play.
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Stand alone options are not ebaled inside the evo.


Please enable option C1 and D1 and re test.
répondu Fev 12 par Derek (146,230 points)
I gues I need to buy  Flashlink updater to go any further with this.