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INFINITI QX70 5.0 fortin problem when pressing the break

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hello, i have installed and sucessfully program the fortin evo, but i have a problem, or question, i just want to see if its normal. i lock 3 times and the car starts without any problem, i unlock and open the door , without and problems, but when i press the break to move the gear out of parking, i hear 2 clicks (i think its on the fortin device) but also my nav screen changes color (from night, to day) exactly as i hear the clicks , is this normal? or what did i do wrong? when i dont remotly start the engine, this doesnt happen, this only happens when i use the remote start.. thanks
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It sounds normal, once you hit the brake you have completed take over from the unit. Until this point the unit has been controlling parking lights, which have been turned on and that might be why your NAV was in night setting. See if you NAV turns to night when parking lights are manually turned on.
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ohh ok friend, yes it was weird because not only that happens , i hear 2 clicks and the lights under the steering wheel also turn on and of (as i hear the 2 clicks) then everything normalices, so thats normal?
so the blinking of the lights its alwo normal?
Yes it's normal
perfect, thanks alot!