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Nano Start V3 Replacement Remote

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2012 Audi S4 push button start DSG.


Lost the remote fob and need to replace (lost in transit when railing car from montreal to outwest). Car is from Montreal but recently moved to British Columbia, closest distributer is 5 hours away.


I accessed the module under dash, it's a Nano Start, Hardware V3. Firmware V10.17.


I have the installation manual to program the unit not sure of which remote and where to buy online,

  1. What's the model# for the fob replacement?
  2. Is there a place to order the remote fob online?

(Also can this nano start have something added to use the oem key to 3x-lock-start?)

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FTX5, FTX25BV are two compatible remotes

No 3x lock does not exist on nano start.
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Any idea where I can find a FTX5 brand new, only ones I seem to find are used fobs on ebay?