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Where does wire D1 go at the "Cut"?

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On a Kia Sorento 2019, it says cut wire at D1. Where does the wire (D1) go after cutting it? Theres also dotted lines in between.. Im guessing it connects to the other wires (D3/A10) towards the connector? This is for a Kia Sorento 2019 push to start and evo one regular installation.
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Ok you cut the cars EMS COM wire, A10 and D3 connects to the EMS COM lead going towards the plug. D1 taps into to the other side of the cut EMS COM wire going away from plug. You will also have to do this with the take over control wire.
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So A10/D3 connects on the EMS COM (connector side), D1 goes on other side of EMS COM (towards the module). Correct?
After your cut cars factory EMS COM wire, the cut wire going to plug will be attached to A10, D3. D1 will go to the other side of cut EMS that is not attached to cars factory plug anymore.