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Can you have the smartphone module along with the rf antenna on an EVO ONE?

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I've got an RF antenna for the 2 way remote and it works great. However, today I tried installing the smartphone module with my EVO ONE and realized that it needs to be plugged into the Datalink port, the same port that the RF antenna is currently occupying.

I tried using one of the harnesses to connect both, but if I have both the SM module and the RF antenna connected, the EVO ONE seems to only accept commands from the RF antenna and not the SM module (even though both of the red and green LEDs are on.

Now if I disconnect the RF antenna and only have the SM module connected to the Datalink port with the harness, it works.

How would I get both to work?
asked 1 week ago in FAQ by Ryan Duong (130 points)

2 Answers

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what rf kit and what smart phone antenna are you using?
answered 1 week ago by Derek (190,680 points)
I am using a module that looks like this: and the RF642W kit.
you cannot use both at the same time, it is one or ther other.
I see. Thank you!
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If you use Evostart2 Antenna and Fortin FMH Datalink antenna, you need to pair them to the module at the same time, you go into remote programming sequence and pair the EvoStart to the Evo-One, then you program the regular remote to the module.


RF Kit need to be connected into EvoStart harness, then EvoStart to the Evo-One by the blue datalink antenna port.
answered 1 week ago by Jerome Thomassin (440 points)