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HW6 Evo-ALL Unlocking

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Hey guys!  

Could a Hardware 6 Evo-ALL be unlocked ? I know they don't have all the feature/firmware of the HW7 but could they still be useable on older car ?


S/N : 001A06 221097
asked 2 weeks ago in FAQ by Jerome Thomassin (440 points)

1 Answer

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cannot be reset due to age.

module has 4.18 firmware, still usable as bypass and can-bus interface on a bunch of cars. No dcryptor and no options available though.


4.18 was a 1 firmware for all cars firmware.


Should work fine on all cars in this old guide with the exception of older GM and Jeep with J1850 technology.

Perfect module for older...
Honda, Acura, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota
answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (240,790 points)
Thanks for your honest answer !