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Unable to program remotes as per guide 68491.

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EVO ONE Key by-pass programming complete. Unable to program remotes as per guide 68491. Used regular installation guide #72051 without T harness.  Antenna led will not flash after depressing brake pedal 4 times as per instructions RF641W. Vehicle starts with key but no door locks or remote start with FTX84 remotes. 2016  Nissan Micra MT.
asked 1 week ago in Nissan by Claude Paquette (130 points)

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Follow the red led on the BACK of the module near the yellow loop wire.

It should, for one, be completely OFF. If it's currently flashing slowly when the key is off, the system is armed and will not allow remote programming. To disarm it, activate valet mode, then deactivate valet mode.


When you do, KEY ON, KEY OFF, KEY ON, that red led will turn ON solid.

Every time you hit the brakes, that same LED will flash once.

If it does not flash once per brake press, take the black wire from the 20-pin connector and give it 12V 4 times instead of pressing the brakes.
answered 1 week ago by Robb (240,060 points)
Robb, thank you for the information. I now have the remotes working and door locks function however when I set the remote starter to start mode (Manual Transmission) the shut down function operates correctly and the engine shuts down after closing the drivers door. When I attempt to start the vehicle, the ignition turns on but engine doesnt crank unless I depress the clutch. Is there a clutch switch bypass program, output to BCM or do I need to add a relay? Using regular installation guide 72051 and there is no mention of bypass or wiring for clutch sw.

Clutch is a (+) trigger at the clutch switch

Light Green
At Clutch Switch
Pin 2


You can use the (-)Start output (white A5) of the EVO-ONE for this, but will require wiring a relay to reverse the polarity of the (-)Start to a (+). 




sacrifice the parking light connection that is done to E1, and enable option 2.3. The white wire in E5 will become a (+)Start output with option 2.3 enable.