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Cracking but not starting 2016 Hyundai Sonata standard key - EVO-ONE will T-Harness THAR-ONE-KHY2

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Hi i want to ask ask about EMC COM wire it's missing from my car there is nothing in it's place the car cracking but not starting because the device cannot decrypt the Security code for the car to start it

I clicked lock 3X and but the key on its place the remote starting succeeded

But without the key normal remot starting cracking but not starting


I think the ems com it's there but not on the same place

I need help
asked 2 weeks ago in Hyundai by Net Storm .. (130 points)

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Pin 19 is the EMS wire. Picture is front view and not the wire side of the connector

answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (240,790 points)

Hi thank you for the answer but can you give me more ditealid information the location for bothe connectors and how to connect The 3 wires A10 D3 D1 the last 3 wires on my kit

A10+D3 connected to ?

And D1 connect to ?


PS : if you mean the same wire in the kick panel A blue/orange

My car does not have this wire

the location of the connector is in the guide. Driver kick panel.

It shows to cut the vehicles ems wire and to connect A10/D3 to one side and D1 to the other side. Orientation matters so read guide properly.

refer to my first image for position of ems com. It's directly from hyundai....


send pictures of your connector if possible

My connector

what about the other side?


fyi, most US based hyundai/kia do not have an immobilizer

this car its form middle east i think my problem its the security code of the key i need to get the evo one to copy the security code so its can start the car 


The wiring we have is for north american vehicles. We do not have access to wiring info of vehicles overseas.


If your vehicle has an immobilizer, the only wiring info we have for the EMS COM, is what is in the guide and from the oem vehicle schematics.


The picture i wanted was of the same connector but the other side. example, You gave a picture of the left side, i want to see whats on the right side.