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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001 tachometer signal

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Hello, I am using an Evo-All version 7 system on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, normally the firmware used should be 4.06, this is only available on version 6, so I use 74.22, everything works perfectly well except the tachometer signal which is not suitable, when I use my remote start the engine starts well then shuts off after a few seconds (the skim works well the problem does not come from the)
I know that some people will tell me to buy a version 6 in order to put firmware 4.06 in it but I live in France and it is very difficult to find the Fortin brand here, and therefore even more difficult to have a choice on the hardware versions ...
Do you have a solution? Is the signal present and not strong enough? (I ordered a digital oscilloscope to check this) Would it be possible to get an update worthy of the name for the J1850 protocol and the Evo-All version 7?
Hoping to have a solution ...
asked 3 weeks ago in Jeep by Maxime Cauchi (210 points)

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Just hardwire the tach wire from the remote starter to the vehicle.


On that jeep it should be a Grey wire at the coil (2.5L) or the coil pack on the 4.0L engine.


There is no plans to update the j1850 on hardware 7 at this time.
answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (190,680 points)
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I have a 4.7L engine, if I understood correctly I must recover the signal on the wire (tan / green) on one of the 8 coils?
I connected the wire as agreed to the spool and everything works, however when programming the module in the software I do not have access to the modification of options, are there operations selectable normally? It is impossible for us in France to find hardware model 6 but only 7, I recommend your product to my customers but unfortunately without complete compatibility I will have to contact other brands ... An effort to update the J1850 protocol would be welcome on hardware 7 ...
The INT-SL+ would be a great solution for all J1850 vehicles.


HW7 evo-all will have a J1850 update in the future but there is no eta on this.