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evo-one stand alone installation

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I installed the Evo-One (standalone) on the outlander sport today. Was it necessary to flash and bypass and remote start, or is it just the remote start?
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The bypass side is the vehicle specific firmware for the unit to actually learn the immobilizer and CAN-BUS. So it's absolutely required.


If an update is available for the remote starter portion, might as well update it. These updates sometimes include timing adjustements for certain vehicles and/or the addition of new RS options.
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (240,790 points)
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Thanks for the answer. Yes, I left the time just like that, 15 minutes ... And what is the difference between standard installation and wire-to-wire?
most of those selections, is really only to show you the proper guide.


The make/model/year is for proper firmware and sometimes recommending certain options via the 'load suggested options" button.


The rest of the selections, plus make/model/year, is to show the proper installation guide.