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2020 Escalade fails dcryptor

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I moved my remote start (Viper 4706V) and EVO-ALL from a 2017 Cadillac Escalade to a 2020 Cadilliac Escalade.  I am using the THAR-GM6 T-Harness with standard installation and put in the latest firmware into the EVO-ALL.  I can get the module to program and get the slow blue flash, but when I try to dcrypt the key, it fails and tells me invalid key.  I dont believe anything has changed from 2017 to 2020 on the Escalade, but I could be wrong.  What am I missing?
asked 1 week ago in Cadillac by jamber (210 points)

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We currently do not list the 2020. It has not been tested and is currently not supported.


A few things you can still try:


- A master reset in the vehicle:

- Try updating the firmware in the module to 70.40 and then re program it in the vehicle and try re sending dcryptor.
answered 1 week ago by Derek (186,660 points)
Thank You.  I will try the firmware update.  I did already try the master reset.  I guess I assumed all would be the same with the 2020.  Its the same body style as the 2017 so I didnt think things would change.  I am sure if I wait patiently, it will be supported at some point in the future.
Yes, if anything it would be an encryptrion change and wouldnt require much re working.


It will be supported in the future for sure but I do not have any type of eta.