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2019 Silverardo 3500 Alarm Questions

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Hello I have a 2019 Silverado 3500 diesel and was wondering how to setup the evo all alarm. This is the WT model so it doesn't have the factory alarm enabled. I have the evo all module with the gm7 t-harnes and the remote start works well. I use the oem remote and didn't do any other hard wiring. I'm not sure if I need to hard wire something or if I have something wrong in the settings. My S/N is 001A07 129104
asked 3 weeks ago in Chevrolet by Carlos Silva (200 points)

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To get a basic door monitoring alarm you would simply need to connect the evo's horn output wire to the vehicle horn wire and then turn on option G1 inside the evo. 


- Green or green/silver dots wire on the evo-all 20 pin connector is the horn wire. 


- On your vehicle it should be in the brown 26 pin bcm connector. Pin 19 and should be Brown/white.


Test before connecting. 

answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (186,660 points)
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