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Red light Won't flash when the key is inserte during programming

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I installing an EVO-ONE standalone setting, i had update the firmware and select the options recommended, but when im trying to program the module it won't program.
So i hold the button, then i connect the 20 pin connector then the 5 pin and last the 6 pin connector, then the module start flashing slow blue,yellow,red,blue & red after it gets red and i release the button and the light stays on but when i insert the key, it won't flash the 10x.
Its a toyota camry 2009 standard key.
asked Aug 27 in Toyota by Jose Ramirez (210 points)

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You should be plugging in power and ground first before the other connectors.


Make sure you are using a black key and not a grey key for programming.


What is the S/N to the module?
answered Aug 27 by Derek (186,660 points)
Already fix the problem, but now everything works but it won't lock the doors or unlock them, that happens while the module is connected but when I disconnected the module the lock and unlock buttons work. Already try different thing on the computer trying to program but nothing works.
yes I heard the key sense output had been blown up.
Yea i don't know how did it happened, but i got help from costumer service and i just needed to disconnect the white/black wire and everything work again .