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2015 toyota rav4 not starting on remote without the key insert Hkey / using evo all

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ive follow the given wiring diagram and connect it, double check the connection 3x, when pressing the start on the key fob it will crank but will not start, insert the factory key and try to sart on key fob,,, it will start,, check the wiring diagram, there`s no connection for the immobilizer or even on the key sense,, because vehicle was still looking for a there any suggested or recommended wiring connection for the immo..or any program suggested...

using fortin bypass evo all.

thanks for immediate response
asked Aug 25 in Toyota by VA6AAO (190 points)
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1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the evo-all?
answered Aug 25 by Derek (186,660 points)