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2016 Toyota Corolla with H key,

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After following the diagram and I go through the steps!

When I go to plug the 20 Pin connector in the EVO ONE, it makes a noise like the lights are left on and the Dash Board warning say's TURN  LIGHTS OFF!

When I unplug the 20 Pin connector, the noise goes awayand the dash bord warning for TURN LIGHTS OFF, goes away!

I try to program the EVO ONE Module with the noise and TURN LIGHTS OFF, by pressing 10 times, the light stop around the 5th to 6th press and it won't let me get pass Step 3.

I reset the Module and did and Master rest and still have the same problem!
asked Aug 19 in Toyota by W. Frazier (210 points)

2 Answers

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Are you using a T-Harness, if yes, which one?
answered Aug 20 by Charles Beauchamp (8,970 points)
The Module have these Leters and Numbers on it with checks!

Toy 8

firmware 79.xx /1.xx




              / Program Lock
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Toy 8

Firmware 79.xx/1.xx

C1  D5 Program Locked



This is what's written on the Module!


I even wired it as Toy 3 Harness, it's still doing the same thing!

I follow the steps and as soon as I plug the 20 Pin Connector in, the noise comes on and the Dashboard Warning says, Turn Lights Off!
answered Aug 21 by W. Frazier (210 points)